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Thermo-adhesives on fabrics
and support materials


We offer a wide range of thermoadhesives on fabrics and
materials. Both in the fashion sector where thermo-
adhesive is used for the application of linings on

outerwear, leather goods or technical clothing, and in
the footwear sector where the fabrics are thermo-

adhesive, cut and then applied to other supports. In the

automotive sector,  thermo-adhesive bonding facilitates
subsequent processing and applications on other materials.

Type of Thermo-adhesives

-Eva full-field thermos-adhesives
-Eva dot thermos-adhesives
-Full-field polyurethane based thermos-adhesives
-Polyurethane-based thermo-adhesive dots
-Full-field polyolefin-based thermos-adhesives
-Polyolefin-based thermo dots adhesives