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High technology
respecting nature.


In collaboration with Rudolf GmbH, Textile Division offers a wide range
of chemical treatments to acquire new functions or increase the performance of fabrics.
Treatments that can be combined together to create technological and high-performance fabrics,
in full compliance with European ecological regulations.


Suitable for particular fabric constructions, the UV Shield treatment allows a targeted optimization of the UV protection factor (UPF) through the combination of physical absorption of the rays and refraction effect: the skin is thus protected because the portion of UV rays transmitted is reduced to a minimum.


The water repellent finishing with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO is based on a fluoro-free compound, which defines this treatment “Ecologic WR”. BIONIC-FINISH® ECO is the ecological alternative to all the previous long-terms water repellent treatments. Its particular chemical construction is considered the most “environmentally friendly” on the market, Bluesign® approved.


Hydrocool treatment makes a significant contribution to the physiological comfort of clothing as it easily conveys liquids between the fibers, allowing the fabric to dry quickly. This treatment makes synthetic fibers from naturally hydrophobic to hydrophilic, allowing the creation of light, resistant and highly breathable fabrics thanks to high-performance hydrophilic properties given to the fabrics. Bluesign® approved.


SILVERPLUS® prevents most odour-causing bacteria from developing. The antimicrobial and bacteriostatic effect of silver, a natural element, is used very effectively, and with very low environmental impact. The treatment has in fact exceeded the strict ecological and toxicological rules imposed by the Bluesign® certification, being regularly approved.
SILVERPLUS® is also approved by the US-Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), guaranteeing the export of fabrics to the US market.


The CMB treatment was developed considering the refreshing properties of menthol and the human body’s ability to cool itself naturally, through heat dissipation and sweating. The treatment enhances “natural” cooling, allowing more effective evaporation and a persistent sensation of freshness on the skin.


This treatment transforms the fibers of the fabric into a real shell, distributing micro particles in the surface allowing the fibers to be protected from abrasion, while not altering the original technical characteristics of the fabric.
The fabrics treated with HS can be printed.